Model 14-K321
Item Name Tappet Adjusting Tool Set
Descriptions Material : SC-M440<br> Set contains three wrenches (8, 9 & 10mm) and three adjusters (screw type and 3 & 4mm square-type).<br> Interchange adjusters and wrenches provide nine different combinations.<br>
Model 14-K326A
Item Name 4-In-1 Hex Axle Tool<17, 19, 22, 24mm>
Descriptions Made from 7075-T6 aluminum for strength-weights are extremely light.<br> Ideal for touring or off-road tool kit.<br>
Model 14-K326B
Item Name 4-In-1 Hex Axle Tool<17, 19, 22, 24mm>
Descriptions Heavy duty CrMo steel construction for shop use.
Model 14-K342
Item Name Combo Fork Damper Tool
Descriptions 2 tools in one, spanner-type prongs on one end for the Honda and 27mm hex on the other end for the Suzuki.
Model 14-K345
Item Name Swing Arm Bearing Tool<For Motorcycles>
Descriptions This tool provides 3 necessary drivers to fit the main swing arm needle bearings. Allows user to push bearing into the swing arm easily.
Model 14-K369
Item Name Flywheel Puller<For Suzuki RM80/85>
Descriptions It includes a hex head type drive bolt and a handle for ease of use.<br> It also provides 5mm socket bolts, nuts and washers.<br> Do not work with a slide hammer.<br> It works on 1989-2008 Suzuki RM80 and RM85.<br>
Model 14-K371
Item Name Flywheel Puller M33 x 1.5 R.H.
Descriptions M33 x 1.5 R.H. Internal Thread
Model 14-K372
Item Name Flywheel Puller M50 x 1.5 R.H.
Descriptions M50 x 1.5 RH Internal Thread.<br> Includes crankshaft protector M16 x P1.5.<br>
Model 14-K378
Item Name Flywheel Puller M24 x 1.5
Descriptions M24 x 1.5 right hand internal threads.<br> Puller includes 12mm crankshaft protector cap.<br>
Model 14-K385
Item Name Swingarm Pivot Nut Tool
Descriptions For removing & replacing lock nut on swingarm pivot shafts.<br> 1/2"drive and inside diameter is 30mm.<br>
Model 14-K389
Item Name Flywheel Puller M38 x 1.5 R.H
Descriptions M38 x 1.5 R.H. internal thread.<br> Includes crankshaft protector<br>
Model 14-K390
Item Name Axle Nut Wrench
Descriptions Double sided 19 mm and 24 mm hex.<br> It also provides a 3/8"square drive hole in the handle for easy torque adjustments.<br>
Model 14-K393
Item Name Flywheel Puller M27 x 1.0 Lh Ext
Descriptions M27 x 1.0 Lh Ext.<br> Fits most late-model MX bikes.<br>
Model 14-K412
Item Name Parking Brake Piston Socket
Descriptions Material : Heavy duty CrMo steel.
Model 14-K432
Item Name Clutch Locknut Tool 20/24 mm
Descriptions Ideal tool to remove the clutch from the XR50R/CRF50.
Model 14-K456B
Item Name Valve Shim Tool<For Yamaha & Suzuki>
Descriptions It can hold the valve spring bucket down while removing the adjusting shims.
Model 14-K481
Item Name Valve Adjustment Tool
Descriptions Ideal tool to adjust valve especially when space is limited. It comes a square hole on both sides with an edge length of exactly 3 mm and 4 mm.
Model 14-K631
Item Name Swing Arm Nut Service Tool Set
Descriptions Set provides six essential tools for servicing swing arm.
Model 14-K633
Item Name 33/35mm Rod Guide Case Wrench
Descriptions It also can be used on Suzuki outboard motors.
Model 14-K705
Item Name Magnet Rotor Puller
Descriptions Ideal tool to remove flywheel (outer rotor) and inner rotor.<br> Plate Type, M10 x P1.25 Bolt (Center Bolt)<br> Reference compatible models :<br> Yamaha : remote control JOG(SA16J), GRAND AXIS 100, BW’S100<br> Suzuki : ZZ Let's series ADDRESS110 / And V100.<br>