Tappet Adjusting Tool Set

Model 14-K321
Features Ideal for most makes and models of motorcycles, ATVs and ATCs.
Descriptions Material : SC-M440
Set contains three wrenches (8, 9 & 10mm) and three adjusters (screw type and 3 & 4mm square-type).
Interchange adjusters and wrenches provide nine different combinations.


Applications :
●HONDA : All ATC’s and motorcycles with 4 cycle engines and screw type adjusters.
●YAMAHA : SR 185/250, XT/TT250, XS400, ST185
●SUZUKI : All 4 cycle ATV’s and motorcycles with screw type adjusters.
●Any tappet adjuster with 8, 9 or 10mm adjusting nut and 3 or 4mm square or slotted adjuster.