ATV Steering Knuckle/Ball Joint Separator

Model 14-K417
Features It allows you without damaging the A-arm, ball joint studs or rubber boots while separating the ball joints from the knuckle body.
Descriptions It consists of a tool body and both types of press bolts to fit Honda and Yamaha.
It works on the following ATV models :
Honda : TRX250R 86-89, TRX250X 87-88/91-92, TRX250 Recon 97-01, TRX300EX 93-01, TRX450R 04-07, TRX450ER 06-07.
Yamaha : YFZ350 87-01, YFM350X 87-01.


Instructions :

  1. Remove the cotter pin from the ball joint stud and loosen the locknut three or four turns, but do not remove it completely.
  2. Remove the cotter pin and locknut from the opposite ball joint stud.
  3. Choose the appropriate pressure bolt and put the tool between the ball joint studs, centering the bolt against the stud to be removed.
  4. Turn the locknut so there is a gap between it and the knuckle body in order to separate the ball joint.  If the locknut is against the knuckle body, the ball joint cannot separate.
  5. Hold the tool body; tighten the pressure bolt against the ball joint stud.
  6. Strike the control arm sharply with a plastic mallet until the ball joint stud is separated from the knuckle body.  You may have to make several attempts to separate the ball joint stud.
  7. Remove the tool and locknut, turn the tool over and repeat above steps for separating another ball joint stud.